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Community litter pickers in Somerset

Keynsham Wombles is a volunteer organisation of litter pickers who hold group events to clean up public spaces in Somerset. They aim to educate people about the effect their litter has on wildlife and the environment. They received funding from Postcode Local Trust to increase the educational provision of their group, helping to prevent litter and to set up a new litter picking group as a pilot project.

As a result of their hard work over the past year, they have developed close links with their local secondary school in Keynsham, organising litter picks within the school grounds bringing together staff, pupils, school governors and Keynsham Wombles volunteers. They are also working with the school to change their meal deal lunches, which resulted in large amounts of litter, and will benefit both the health of the pupils and the environment.

In addition to this, they have partnered with another group to get commitment from local shops to refill water bottles for the public. This also resulted in Bristol Water attending the local summer music festival and providing water for free (reducing the vast amount of waste plastic normally generated at the event).

According to the group, the project has helped to create an atmosphere in their town where plastic waste is now discouraged.

Community litter picker

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