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Conserving Cornwall’s Butterflies

The ‘Mining for Butterflies’ project, made possible by Postcode Local Trust, enabled Cornwall Butterfly Conservation to develop their work protecting rare species of butterflies and moths in old mine workings, coastal dunes and heaths.

Previous tin mining activity in the area has left an unusual habitat - exposed, hot, stony ground and sparse vegetation. The organisation urgently needed to build on their existing body of work to manage populations and promote expansion of the colonies.

With these habitats improved and maintained by a programme of regular species monitoring established during this project, they will continue to assist the target species on the old mine. Having benefitted from this careful conservation work the sites will continue to attract ongoing local support as the benefits become more obvious and this will encourage an unwillingness to allow the sites to revert and degrade. Other positive impacts will include higher numbers of rare plants, lichens, birds, beetles and dragonflies.

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