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Sutton in sync with nature

Sutton Nature Conservation Volunteers are the main nature conservation organisation operating within Sutton and they have been working to conserve and maintain Sutton's many wildlife sites since 1987.

A grant from Postcode Local Trust has enabled them to focus on an area of Sutton that has fewer areas of natural open space. The use of shire horses and providing local people with the opportunity to contribute to the meadow creation, provided a sense of wonder and ownership. Community engagement also promoted an understanding of the wildlife potential that exists on their doorstep. This project has created a legacy for wildlife, volunteering, and a place for people to visit and enjoy nature.

This work has increased the number of species of flowering plant found in the meadow. In 2015 only one species of grass was recorded in meadow surveys, after a survey was conducted in 2019 they recorded eight species.

People from the local community have developed a greater understanding of the value that the meadow and other nature sites and green spaces in the Borough provide for wildlife and people alike.

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